I wanted to share some info that I was reading earlier this week on how small businesses reach incomes past the million mark..

my take away.

1. You can’t do it alone and have a life… it takes admin support & talent …

this reads to me… be open to receive gifts offered to support… instead of falling short, losing motivation, and stressed and pulled to your breaking point… and sucking all the fun out of creating and flowing with your passion

How can we be of service to each other?

2. Networking/word of mouth is the absolute best way to gain new clients

I know sometimes the last thing you want to do is go a mingle.. my experience is… if you show up.. they show up… everyone likes to be supported even if that means just going to one event a month to support your follow creators… it will encourage them to stay in the game… and you will learn & grow to… it is fun!

3. Different talent/services offered- it can be in the same area of business… you grow with your client/customer

So..I’m learning this
Although unconditional love principles is my focus throughout my modalities.. I am or have developed different ways of offering
Through my different entities
I basically teach/ coach the same information
Just something to consider …

4. I’m adding this in… be a life long student.. The greatest Teachers are the most willing students

Stay curious
Love All of you