Barb Heite is the creative mind behind all of the programs offered through Synergy Village. The following passage is an insight into how barb got her start as a life coach and how her journey to helping others know their truth began.

“The week that I got diagnosed with cancer my husband asked me to see Life Coach to work on our marriage, I agreed. I went because I did not want to fight and I knew I was not going there to save my marriage but to save myself. My Life Coach asked me to email her journals of my feelings daily to her. Being a Doer, I was all-in with a task to focus on besides the cancer. For six months I poured my heart out to my Life Coach. She encouraged me to share my journals with others but I was too afraid of being judged. She one day stated that by sharing my journal I could help others to get in touch with their feelings. And from that conversation, I gained enough courage to share first in a support group then eventually in my book, Beautiful Mess- A Journey to the Universe Within.

            As I cleaned up my inner world, took accountability for my own beautiful mess, I began to become curious about me again which sparked my creativity and my caring and compassion for myself and others. I completed my Master Degree in Human Dynamics, became a facilitator of a weekly women’s support group & a life coach. I became courageous and started sharing with other women my story and encouraged them to do the same. I finally “got it” …. I got CLARITY, and then I defined my PURPOSE, which revealed my PASSION where I now live and THRIVE in my life.

I live my dream of sharing my passion of my heart impacting others, inspiring growth and transformation in others with my story through coaching with groups and one-on-one, workshops, and seminars. I have made the commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other women to own the truth of who they are, have more confidence, passion and peace in their life to create the life they have always dreamed of without the limiting beliefs that holds them back from living from a purposeful passionate life. “